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What our clients say:

  • "My name is Juan Arango, I'm the president and CEO of HydroDry Restoration, as one of the largest restoration providers in Florida it's hard to find a lead service that we're willing to pay for that's actually worth our time, PBTP has brought us over 10 jobs in the last couple of months and unlike most lead services their leads our 100% verified so every lead iv payed for has been solid and easy to sell with no upfront costs, the team here at HydroDry would like to thank you for not only the leads you've provided but for your outstanding, personable and helpful customer service each and every time we call, keep being great (HydroDry Restoration)."

    Juan Arango
    HydroDry Restoration
  •  I was struggling to get business and spending a crazy amount of money of sketchy marketing companies that were locking me in contracts and not giving me the results I wanted. I decided to try this lead service and was amazed by how much my business increased. I get an email with a description of a job and if I like the sound of it I buy it via PayPal and next thing you know I am calling the customer and closing the job it’s great. ”

  •  I liked the fact that I did not have to sign any contracts, the company sends me a job and if I am not busy on another job I buy the lead. I have managed to close 60% of what has been sent to me so the amount I am paying for the lead is nothing compared to the type of work I am getting out using this service. I now close jobs in the tens of thousands of dollars; I am more than happy with this system. ”